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Full Color Printed Catalogs normally are produced for economical reasons in three standard sizes:

5-1/2 x 8-1/2 catalog printing
6 x 9 catalog printing
8-1/2 x 11 catalog printing
Most color catalog printing is done on text paper for the insides and cover. If you need a more substantial feel for sustained use then we recommend printing your catalog cover on heavier paper. We have produced catalogs for most industries, including:

Real Estate catalog printing
Medical catalog printing
Insurance catalog printing
Construction catalog printing
Banking catalog printing
Restaurant catalog printing
Entertainment catalog printing
Hotel catalog printing

Catalog printing can be done with a full color cover and black ink only on the insides. Protective coating is available on the outside covers.

Cover Options for Catalog Printing

Here are a few terms that you need to understand that may make a difference in the outcome of your catalog printing project.

Self Cover vs Plus Cover

Catalog printing as a self cover means that the cover is printed on the same weight stock as the inside pages. Catalog printing as a plus cover means that the catalog cover is heavier than the inside pages. Your catalog printing can be done either way. The printing cost for plus cover catalog printing is a little higher due to the need to run a separate press sheet signature.

Binding Choices - Catalog printing

There are generally (4) four binding methods used in color catalog printing.

*Catalog printing as Saddlestitched- A saddlestitched catalog printing project is folded in half and has a least 2 staples in it. Generally most lower page count catalog printing projects will be saddlestitched.
*Catalog printing as Perfect Bound - When your catalog printing page count gets higher than 60 pages it’s time to consider perfect binding. A perfect bound catalog printing project has a square spine and the pages are glued in place.
*Catalog printing as Plastic Coil Binding- This form of binding is great for any page count catalog printing. The continuous plastic coil is available in a wide range of colors and sizes. The finished catalog will open up and lay flat and the plastic coil binding is very durable.
*Catalog printing as Wire-o-binding – This form of binding behaves much the same as plastic coil binding, except that metal wire is used instead of plastic.

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