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Fine Art Giclee / Large Format Photographic Prints

We offer Fine Art Giclee Printing for excellent reproduction of Artists, and Designers works, and Large Format Photo Printing for Photographers.

French for “sprayed ink,” Giclées are produced on an ink-jet printer, capable of producing millions of colors using continuous-tone technology.

Giclées are often made from photographic images of paintings in order to produce high quality, permanent reproductions. The extra-fine image resolution possible in this printing process permits retention of a high degree of fine detail from the original image, rendering deeply saturated colors with broad ranges of tonal values.

Giclée printing has many advantages over other printmaking methods. Since each piece is individually produced, one reproduction can be created at a time if desired, minimizing large up-front costs and storage problems associated with other printing methods.

Giclee paper options available are:
'Brilliance Fine Art Canvas', which is a 100% cotton based, bright white, water resistant artist grade canvas paper, very durable and resistant to scuffing, with an acid free base.
'Elegance Fine Art Paper', a 310g bright white, water resistant 100% cotton fiber, acid and lignin free, which is a mould made paper with a vellum cold-press surface. This is one of the most advanced Fine Art papers available for Giclee printing.

For Photographers needing photographic reproduction, we recommend a high grade semi-matte or high gloss paper.
(Minimum size is 8 x 10")

All Giclee and Photo prints can also be mounted to a foamboard backing if required.

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