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Britannia Press March 6, 2018

An adroit mixture of everyday settings and extraordinary events.
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The world of business and finance gets skewered, as Bottom Liners tackles subjects such as foreign takeovers, office policies, getting a raise, and the fast-paced world of Wall Street.
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A wry look at the absurdities of everyday life.
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In today's complex world of family issues, Focus on the Family provides grounded, practical advice for those dealing with family problems.
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A whimsical, slice-of-life view into life's fool-hardy moments.
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Alexa, Show me the Weather
A Message From Britannia Press
The Way I See It

Spilled Coffee

Take a moment to imagine that you are holding a cup of coffee. Suddenly, someone comes along and bumps into you, causing you to spill your coffee everywhere.

Now, why is it that you spilled the coffee? If you responded, “well, because someone bumped into me, of course,” that's the wrong answer. The truth is, you spilled the coffee because there was coffee in your cup. Had there been tea in the cup, you would have spilled tea.

Here’s the way I see it: Whatever is inside your cup is what will spill out when bumped. The same is true in life. When life comes along and bumps or shakes you (which WILL happen), whatever is inside you will come out.

Take a moment to consider: Will you spill joy, gratefulness, peace, and humility? Or will you spill anger, bitterness, harsh words, and overreactions?

Idea of the Week
5 Rules for Readability with Type

We've all been there. You're driving down the highway when a stunning, colorful billboard catches your eye. The type, however, is white on yellow, in all caps, and so tight that still to this day you have no idea what that billboard said.

Good typography in your marketing materials keeps both "readability" and "legibility" in mind. While readability means exactly what you think it means: easy to read and understand, legibility means having sufficient contrast with a background (as in, not putting white on yellow on a billboard).

It's important for you to understand what things affect the readability of your type. Scientists have measured eye movement and comprehension and verified these five rules that you should use when selecting type font and size for your marketing materials.

  1. Keep typography simple.

    Selecting one font family for your entire printed piece makes it easier for the eye to decipher when glancing across the page. Choose a font that has many different weights, sizes, and styles to use for headings, quotations, or to emphasize a particular section. Build variety playing with these variables instead of switching between multiple font families.

    example of the styles, weights, sizes, etc. of a font family.

  2. Stay consistent.

    Consistency will lend authority to the look of your piece and will become part of your branding for that particular item. Therefore, be sure that all of the headers look the same, including size and font type. The same goes for sub-headers, pull-quotes, etc.

  3. Use upper and lower case.

    Using standard upper and lower case letters make the wording easier for people to read. This format is also what readers are familiar with and expect to see. While you can use all capital letters for emphasis in rare cases, it is not a good idea for regular print. This rule has more to do with how people read then the look or style of your design.

  4. Keep lines short and add white space.

    People tend to read three to four words per eye movement. It's a good rule of thumb not to have your reader make more than two eye movements per line, so limit your lines to six to eight words. Flyers, billboards, and posters will work best with short, bulleted points and plenty of white space.

  5. Use serifs.

    Serifs are the little, extra strokes or flourishes at the end of the main strokes of a letter. They flow well from one letter to the next, reducing eye fatigue. Like the rest of our bodies, our eyes get tired when they have to do a lot of heavy lifting. Long printed documents such as books or sizeable reports are easier to read when serif type fonts are used.

    serif versus sans serif

Your readers can catch every word when you consider the readability of your type in your next printing project.

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Marketing Tip
Marketing Your Fundraising Event

Here are a few affordable marketing efforts to consider for your next fundraising event.

  • Apply for a Google AdWords Grant, which is a program that offers free Google advertising to eligible non-profits. To see eligibility requirements and how to apply, visit:

  • Secure sponsors who can provide funding and help attract a broader range of attendees. In return, use their logo on all promotional materials.

  • Focus on your cause and think of ways to attract others with similar passions. For example, consider making a brochure, slideshow, or video that talks about ways that your fundraiser can help the lives of others.

  • Submit a press release with a newsworthy angle to area newspapers and magazines, local bloggers, community calendars, and radio and television stations to increase your promotional efforts.

  • Create a Facebook event page with event information, registration links, and event updates. To keep information current and top of mind, consider posting auction item announcements, success stories, thank-you messages to volunteers, and a Q&A for your audience.

  • Create a unique Twitter hashtag for your event so followers can easily track event-related tweets. Consider tweeting photos of last year’s event, your promotional flyer, and even featured auction items.

  • Distribute flyers at other locations or events that are related to your fundraiser. For example, if you are organizing a fundraiser for a local animal shelter, consider handing out flyers at a dog park or local veterinarian.

  • Ask volunteers, community members, and donors to help spread the word. For example, you can ask others to invite their family and friends, share your Facebook event, and distribute posters and flyers.

  • Increase donor retention by following up after the event. Consider sending a newsletter with an update on how much your event raised, or sending thank you letters, emails, or even phone calls to show your appreciation.

If you’d like help creating affordable print materials for an upcoming fundraising event, please let us know. Our printing team can offer several creative, yet cost-effective ideas to ensure your fundraising event is a success.

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Uncommon Product
Oversized Table Talkers Start Conversations

Oversized table talkers, a larger version of table tents, are an affordable and creative way to get your message in front of your audience.

Oversized table talkers typically feature a large triangular tri-fold vertical design or quad-fold vertical design. When designed with eye-catching graphics and bold messaging, they become a great table centerpiece that demands attention.

Oversized table talkers are a great way to dress up any flat surface at conferences and other trade show events, waiting areas, point-of-purchase displays, checkout counters, waiting rooms, restaurants, and coffee shops. They can be used to spread the word about upcoming events or sales, new products or services, as well as industry tips and tricks.

If you’d like help creating the perfect table talker for your organization or business, or you’d like to see examples of what we can do for you, give us a call today! Our creative team is eager to help.

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Tech Tip
Alexa Tips

If you have an Amazon Echo device, here are just a few popular ways you can make the most of Amazon’s assistant, Alexa:

  • Use it as a hands-free intercom to other Echo devices in your home. Say, "Alexa, drop in on the kitchen,” and anything you say will be played through the Echo speaker in the kitchen.
  • Request easy conversions (Alexa, what is 60 grams in ounces), or calculations (Alexa, what is 13 times 152).
  • Make calls and send messages to other Alexa users. Contacts in your phone who own an Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Show will show up in your list of people you can call or send a message.
  • Set an alarm when cooking (Alexa, set an alarm for 60 minutes), or create a reminder (Alexa, remind me to check my bank account in two days).
  • Create a multi-room group for music by pairing Echo devices and playing music across them. This is great for gatherings.
  • Create individual profiles for each family member that has an Amazon account. To check which profile is currently being used, simply ask, “Alexa, which profile is this” To switch profiles, say, “Alexa, switch profiles.”
  • In addition to default music (such as Amazon Prime, iHeartRadio, Pandora, and Spotify), you can use Alexa as a speaker to listen to Apple Music, Google Play Music, or other audio by pairing the Alexa device to a computer or mobile device using Bluetooth.
  • Have Alexa read your Kindle books out loud.
  • Order a pizza with Alexa by enabling the Pizza Hut or Dominos skills to order your favorite pizzas for delivery.
  • Sync Alexa with smart home devices, such as your thermostat and security cameras. Give easy commands: "Alexa, turn up the thermostat." "Alexa, show the front door camera."
  • Ask Alexa to place orders for Prime-eligible products. If an item is available, Alexa tells you the item name and price and asks you to confirm or cancel the order. You can also ask Alexa to check the status of recent Amazon orders.

Our print shop is the Alexa of the printing world. Give us a call today and see what we can do for you!

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