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'It Happened In Monterey' Book. Available here,
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Texaco/Route 66 Prints Available
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Ideas Collection
Ideas Collection
Design Tips
Do-It-Yourself Letterhead
Paragraph Indicators - Make A Dent in Your Universe
Timeboxing: An Outline for More Efficient Design
Trim the Fat: What Your Logo Doesn't Need
5 Must-Haves in Every Layout
A Metaphorical Idea
5 Ways to Toot Your Own Horn
5 Ideas to Spark Those Creative Juices
Boost Your Marketing Prowess with Perfect Postcard Design
Get That 3D Look Without Breaking Your Budget
How to Lure in Your Audience with Good Design
Design that Pops
Designing for Color-Blind Viewers
Add Sparkle With the Symbolism Tool
Grab Them Right Out of the Gate

Ideas Collection
Marketing Tips
Create a Great New Logo
6 Steps To Customer-Centric Writing
Smart Companies Get People Talking
Only As Strong As Your Weakest Touch Point
Funnel Your Efforts in the Right Direction
The Power of Simplicity in Marketing
How to Perfect Your Sales Copy
How to Make Your Idea Stick
How to Persuade Prospects to Say Yes
Sell With Words That Inspire
Creating a Category of One
Four Keys to Building Customer Relations
Design Direct Mail That Sells
Powerful Business Cards
Guerrilla Marketing Rule #6

Ideas Collection
Tech Tips
Understanding Compound Paths
Preflighting: The Perfect Launch
4 Illustrator Hacks You Didn't Know You Needed
Spot, Heal, Clone: The Perfect Combination
Master the Light With Custom White Balance
Become A Keyboard Shortcut Superman
Leading Like a Pro
Understanding Photoshop File Formats
6 InDesign Best Practices
Employ Printed QR Codes for a Rapid Response
Think Inside the Box with Grid Systems
Caring for the Widows and Orphans
Fix Distorted Photos
The Secret of Good Forms
Fixing a Problem Photo

Ideas Collection
Print Tips
Maximize Your Print Mailing with a Well-Written Cover Letter
Win Customers With Colorful Packaging
6 Ways to Settle the Score
The Difference Between CMYK and PMS Colors
The Perfect Cover-Up
Perfect Estimates Every Time
Make a Splash With Creative Overprinting Techniques
Is a Bleed Right For Your Print Project?
Love Your Planet with Eco-Friendly Print Practices
5 Rules for Readability with Type
Paper Shifts Color: Orange is the New Red
Printing Considerations for Envelopes
Paper Potential
Stationery Paper Basics
Using "Enriched" Black Ink

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